Episode 31: Severed Ways AKA The Lost Episode


Just like the Vikings in tonights film, we to go missing and lost in a frozen wasteland. Find us here!

Episode 30: UHF AKA What about Bill?

Jump back to the 80’s with us as we review Weird Al’s movie UHF. Join the fun here!!!

Episode 29: The Girl who Played with Fire AKA Bluffing with our Muffin

Sorry about the wait, to make it up we play with fire here!!!

Episode 28: Tales from the Hood AKA Just the Two of Us


This week we cover Tales from the hood. It’s Dan and Muffin with a call in from bill.

You can find it here bitches!


**Sorry about the delays I honestly didn’t think I would ever get it up.**


Episode 27: Survival of the Dead


This episode we survive the dead, in Survival of the Dead. We make lots of small talk. This is the second time at uploading this, because our music before was to offencive. So find it here!


Note: There is a problem where at time the sound will cut out for a few seconds. Please just over look this, it doesn’t happen much.

Episode 26: Black Dynamite

Sorry about the delay, here is episode 26.  At the end you will find a gift for all your time you wasted waiting for this episode to come out. You can find  your Black Dynamite fix here.

Episode 25: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

In this episode we all gang up and do, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Find it here!


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